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Art resides in everything. Even in the most unpromising of all sources. A piece of art ensnares an artist’s techniques, his perspectives, his expressions but there are certain artefacts, very few in number though, which carry the soul of the ones who made them and the ones who owned them. When we talk about something haunted or cursed, may it be trivial objects like dolls as shown in some renowned movies, our mouth is likely to fall open in wonder. But we should be acquaint ourselves with the fact, though, ambiguous enough, that if there is good then there must be evil. After all, contradiction is the order of the world which is needed for progression, to quote William Blake. Haunted artefacts are no myth whatsoever. Moreover, the existence of spirit has been proved by science.

Haunted artefacts are the most searched on the internet and that is however pretty obvious as anything out of the blue or in paranormal terms, “supernatural” is bound to grab our interest. There is a deluge of cursed artefacts which people are, both, aware and unaware of. These haunted artefacts are some kind of artefact, bearing artistic potency or carries the tag of antiquity. Every such artefact which is claimed as haunted or cursed, has a story to tell which is undoubtedly tragic in nature. Such stories mostly include untimely demises, injustice, betrayals and agonies.

The owners or the people, the possession of whom the artefacts fell into or actually belonged to, can not really leave behind what in Sanskrit is termed as “moh and maya”. Some strive to remain alive through them whereas some just try to protect them from falling into wrong hands.

The Stolen Face

Stolen face is claimed to have been stolen from a mummy in Egypt. People are of the opinion that the mask seems cold when they hold it and then turns so hot that it numbs the holder’s hands. People have also complained that the face exhibits negative vibes which are likely to give them negative thoughts. It is not uncommon for the sacramental items to have curses attached to them. However, archaeologists and paranormal researchers are not very sure about the kind of curse attached to it.

The Gatekeeper

The Gatekeeper is basically a haunted historical relic of a child who addressed himself the gatekeeper. This Haunted artefact was once a part of the initiation rituals for the Independent Order of Fellows. It was during an investigation that the gatekeeper introduced himself as the keeper of the crossroads, that is a keeper of the crossroads of life and death.

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The Crying Boy

Painted by an Italian artist, this painting happens to be the most haunted of all paintings. It is believed that the spirit of a brutal decoit is trapped in the painting which has made it a threat to life. People unaware of the curse attached to it, have witnessed deaths in their families on letting this painting in their house. It has been seen that this painting cannot be destroyed. It causes death and sets up fire to the house in which it hangs.

There as many different versions of this and all of them are supposed to be haunted. The Original as well as the copies, CURSED. In 1980’s The Sun, newspaper, published an article saying that firefighters have found some unburned copies of crying boy paintings from a burned house. Later many incidents follow the same routine, same happenings. All the houses and places where this paining was in, were burned down with fire. And surprisingly, the painting stand bold. Later in the year, it was widespread that it was cursed and can cause fires where ever it was kept.

The idol of Nightmares

Haunted artefact of the gatekeeper
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This idol is an African idol which was first discovered in Dayton, Ohio. It is said that the idol causes nightmares. It has bizarre appearance which itself is frightening. Whoever owned the idol has experienced poltergeist haunting, technological malfunctions and deadly nightmares. It caused paranormal activities. Even the people in the museum who stumbled upon it without knowing anything about it, have complained about having nightmares, sleep-depriving dreams during their hours of sleep.

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Ruby the Haunted Doll

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The story of this doll named Ruby is somewhat analogous to Annabelle which too is a haunted doll. Ruby could move from room to room all by herself and whoever touched it, felt pangs of anxiety and sadness. If we look at the doll then we would notice it’s expression which morose. It is to the belief that ruby still belongs to her ancestor who was a little girl who had to confront a tragic demise while holding the doll to her bosom.

The briefings about the haunted artefacts mentioned in this articles drives us to the conclusion that not all spirits mean to harm us as they simply want us to know about their story. They employ certain medium in order to communicate with us whereas there are some which are harmful to us. This article also emphasis’s on the owner’s knowledge about the artefacts they own. There are many amongst us who are inclined towards art. We tend to decorate our walls with paintings. However, not every artefact is healthy to kept in the house. Every creation has a story behind both good and bad. It is recommended to people to choose objects wisely.

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The Myrtles Plantation Mirror

haunted mirror in myrtles plantation

Myrtles Plantation house is rumored to be on top on an Indian burial ground that builds the background of it, to be one of the most haunted places. But the most cursed objects in this house is a mirror which was added in 1980. The reasons for the mirror to be on the list of Haunted artefacts is based on an old superstition connected to death and mirrors. According to which, in-case of death, all the mirrors in the house should be kept covered as for the soul to not get trapped.

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The story says that, Sara Woodruff and her children who were poisoned to death by a slave named Chloe on the premises’ dining room. Chloe disappeared and the room was kept closed for several years with a mirror uncovered. Thus, legend claims that the mirror contains their trapped spirits. Finger prints of small children appear on the mirror from time to time with no children in the premises.

Haunted Annabelle Doll

Haunted Artefact of Annabelle Doll in box

This is the most famous cursed artefact in this world. The doll was purchased from an antique shop in 1970 by Donna and her mother. After bringing the doll home, unexplained phenomenons begin to happen. The doll moved to other rooms, small notes with “HELP US” begin to appear in the house and blood droplets stain the doll’s clothes.

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Donna called paranormal experts to investigate the haunted object. Doll was claimed ghostly according to self-proclaimed demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. It was found that doll was possessed by spirit of 7 year old girl named Annabelle Higgins. Her spirit moved into the doll when she was murdered. Now, the Doll resides in a glass box at the Warren’s Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. A sign “POSITIVELY DO NOT OPEN” is engraved in the cabinet.

Busby’s Stoop Chair

Also known as the Dead Man’s chair, this haunted item was apparently cursed by its deceased owner, Thomas Busby. He was a petty thief in the 1700s, short-tempered in nature and always quick to get into baseless fights. Much of his time was spent drinking in a pub, in his favorite chair, which he was really possessive about and wouldn’t let anyone else sit on it. His father-in-law, Daniel Awety, was a successful coin-forger. One day, Thomas found Daniel sitting on his favorite chair without permission and became extremely agitated at that. He put up a fight with Daniel who in turn threatened to take his daughter back home. After this row, Thomas in a rage barged into Daniel’s house at night and murdered him. Being the main suspect in the case he was soon charged as guilty and sentenced to be hanged to death. However, as a last wish, he asked to have a drink on his favorite chair. Apparently, minutes before dying, he put a curse on the stoop, saying that “Anyone who sits on this chair will swiftly meet death.

This curse indeed proved to be true. Many years later, the first person to use the chair—a chimney sweeper—soon died after falling off the roof. Anyone, be it a soldier or a common man, who used this chair soon met their death. Many people saw it as challenge to sit on this chair and survive, but no one ever did.

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After these terrifying incidents, the chair was moved to a safer spot where no one was allowed to sit on it—the Thirsk Museum. However, just to be safe, it is hung 6 feet above the ground, so that no one can sit on it and bring doom upon themselves.

After reading this article about Haunted artefacts, we’d made sure now that you believe in paranormal activities, cursed objects and ghostly spirits. Have you experience such an activity in your life? Please let us know in the comments and we can write your story on the next blog-post.

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