Inunaki Village Entrance

Inunaki Village: The Haunted Village of Japan


Urban legends and horror stories have been a part of Japan’s culture for centuries. From cursed objects to haunted places, this country has seen and believed it all. As scary and fascinating as all these urban legends are, nothing probably comes close to being as creepy as the story of Inunaki Village is. It is not only interesting but also highly disturbing in nature, especially when one considers the fact the Inunaki Village actually exists. With its chilling practices and haunted history, the myths of this small village of Japan can easily give anyone the chills.

Inunaki Village: Location and Entrance

Inunaki Village Entrance

Inunaki Village is located in the outskirts of Japan. It exists in maps but routes to the villages are few and mostly unknown. There is a tunnel right beside the entrance of the village, but it is disabled now. There is a gate that separates the village from its surroundings, and on the gate are hung up many signboards. These boards have very strange messages written on them, the most bizarre of which says that “The constitutions and laws of Japan do not apply here.” Amongst others, there also signs that say that electronic devices do not work in this village, and how people should enter at their own risk. Even after all of these messages if someone does enter…they must be a very brave soul.

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The Strange Practices of Inunaki Village

The bizarreness of this small villages constitutes of a long list. To begin with, let’s go back to one of the main signboards on the gate of this village — “The constitutions and laws of Japan do not apply here.” The reason for this is all the practices that go on here that are otherwise frowned upon in society. Starting from cannibalism, incest to even murder, everything is allowed in this village. People here are free to do whatever they please and live in a barbaric manner as murderers, man-eaters, etc. They are entirely uncivilized, which is probably expected for a place where there are no legal repercussions.

History of Inunaki Village

abandoned village

The name Inunaki translates to ‘dog bark’, and there is a story behind this strange name. It is believed that once, a family in the village used to own a dog. One night, the dog kept barking loudly, and in a feat of rage at the persistent noise, the man of the house killed the dog. However, the very same night, a black dragon attacked the family and killed them all. It turns out that the dog was only trying to warn the family about this impending danger.

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In Japan, the years 1603-1868 are known as the Edo period. During this time there were various clans in Japan that owned particular pieces of land. There was one such clan named Kuroda and the Inunaki village belonged to them. They handled the jurisdiction and tax collection of Inunaki, but the other villages that fell under their jurisdiction did not possess the strange features that Inunaki did. However, it is believed that a very heavy flood destroyed most of the lands that belonged to this clan.

Inunaki Village: The End

Inunaki, however, is not known to have ended the same way. There are some doubts as to how everyone who lived in that village suddenly died. Some say that an infectious disease such as the plague killed them all, while others say that a man killed every person who lived there with an ax. Murder, of course, was not unlawful there so it seems likely that something like that could have happened. Perhaps all it would take for a man to kill everyone in his vicinity would be to have an especially bad day.

Life persisted in that village till the end of World War II, and no living soul has apparently lived there in the past 74 years. There are however some myths that indicate the presence of something—whether a spirit or an actual human being. It is said that an old woman lives in Inunaki, all alone in the entire land. Others also believe that the same man who had killed everyone in the village still lives there, chasing anyone who goes inside the gates with an ax. Which is why no one who has gone inside this village in the past years has ever come back. It is also believed that the cemetery of this village has two graves that are cursed and anyone who touches it is instantly killed.

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Although this village would be highly fascinating for those who are interested in learning about the strange and occult, people seldom visit there anymore due to its terrifying history. There are many things that are wrong with Inunaki village and as tempting as a visit might sound…staying as far away as possible from this place would probably be a better idea.

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