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Sell your Soul: The Demonic Contracts

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Folklores, custom tales, legends, religious myths and every other historical fables if mentions a god, it mentions the devil too. The infamous Satan, Lucifer Morningstar, king of hell, antichrist, hell raiser, the fallen angel and many other possible synonyms describe the devil. The devil that’s considered to be the commander in chief of all the evil spirits and demonic armies, the devil that went against god’s will to call upon sin, to call upon the battle of Armageddon and was cast out from heaven for he disobeyed the orders of god to cleanse man from sins.

What if the man is in a state of mind to make a pact from the devil himself and exchange souls for diabolical favors? It sounds fictional, to an extent mythical of how can someone trade their souls and why to the devil, the angel of darkness. What if I tell you that there have been nearly true tales and records about people involved in the deals with the devil?

Sell Your Soul: The Deal

A deal with the devil in various Christian traditions is exemplified with the German legend of Johann Georg Faustus who made a deal at the price of his soul with Mephistopheles. It was Satan’s bet with god that he can go down to the earth and he’ll make Faust do bad things. He sent his agent to the earth, Mephistopheles, who found Faust in his study. All that Faustus wanted was to know all possible things, knowledge about everything and worldly pleasures. Mephistopheles persuaded him to sign the agreement and make a pact with the devil by exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge.

All of this is part of a folklore that doesn’t mean that selling souls hasn’t been a phenomenon in past and even in the present century. Neither is there an end to the greed; nor is there any human without desires. Some people make such deals or pacts as a symbol of recognizing the devil as their master or their dark lord. No matter what the bargain with Satan is a dangerous one as the price of the Fiend’s service is the wagerer’s soul.

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Soul selling deal between the devil and dr faustus

Now if you’re one stout hearted human to take a turn into the fire of hell in order to fulfill your will there might be a guide for doing so. There are some people who have notably been a part of the pact including John Fian, the sorcerer who was later executed. The Blues musician, Tommy Johnson, the Beatles, Adam Sandler (average talent and suddenly a huge film career) and even Jay-Z are alleged of making deals as such, to possess the fame and fortune they’ve had.

Pitching the Deal

There are certain steps that can be taken into account. People summon demons by going on country crossroads. It is believed that one can look for the devil in the Seven Gates of Hell, which can allegedly be found in the woods off Trout Run Road in Hellam Township, Pennsylvania, or maybe even the other Gates of Hell, a collection of drains in Clifton, New Jersey. Dr Rex Touth, the expert on Satanic rituals says that if you don’t want to go on crossroad trip all you have to do is “be alone in your room, close your eyes and say, ‘Satan, I summon you. I have a quality soul to sell if the price is right.‘ One has to try not sounding desperate. Remember mentioning the wish list in whatever séance one is using to call upon the entity that’s ready to provide you your dreams.

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There are literally hundreds of demons that appear in religion, demonology, mythology, and folklore, so you’ll need to first carefully research which demon you want to contact. A good place to start is ‘The Encyclopedia of Demons & Demonology’ by Rosemary Ellen Guiley. This book includes a list of hundreds of demons from the ancient history till today with powers in specific areas. One has to carefully outline the deal while making the pact as to what they are offering to the devil. Things such as these are neither cheap nor easy to attain. The devil after all can ask anything in return be it killing someone or perform a sacrificial ritual. One has to decide whether the pact is gonna be in written or by performing a ritual through séance.

An illustration of Doctor Fian with the bewitched cow (Newes from Scotland)

People who are experts in demonology conduct a full invocation ritual which is believed to physically connect people by which they can see or hear the demon. Demons usually are very unpredictable by their nature so one should absolutely keep a certain thought in mind that in no way they should do anything to instigate the anger which also requires the fact that they need not command the demon while making their wishes.

The Contract

Traditionally pacts that are written are mostly signed in blood and are in a form of contract. Séance somehow is done in places where there is low light but not complete darkness and one should not be distracted during a séance. People use verses from Satanic Bible in order to summon the demon. Although it is believed that words aren’t of much power but the belief behind them (ironical that we’re talking about having belief in the evil rather than having faith in god). Talking about phrases one can use verses like ‘in the name of Satan, open the gates of hell and greet me, come forward, show us you’re here’ or ‘I invoke thee Lucifer from the east, come forward forces of darkness and greet me’.

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The demonic entities when summoned give very subtle clues about their presence. It could be flickering of lights, static on the radio, knock on an object or surface or simply a mutter in someone’s ear. Clearly one has to understand and look forward to the consequences in order to call upon the dark on them. The demons are malevolent mischievous entities that might possess souls. Various demonic possessions have been taken under record and their exorcism tapes prove that they exist. Any ritual such as that need to be ended carefully in case of which one should wisely choose their words and be crystal clear about sending the demons back where they came from.

A written deal by Christoph Haizmann from 1669.

All of this at once seems fictional but the weird history of demonology and deals with the devil makes one curious to think and actually follow such satanic rituals in order to lay their hands over the fortune and fame. You can clearly not outwit the devil and fail at your end of bargain once you enter into the game of contract. History is full of alleged diabolical pacts and deaths that prove the damnation by the devil. For once great achievements can come in the way after one signs a pact and Robert Leroy Johnson’s crossroad encounter is one of all time exemplification to make someone realize that maybe there’s a darker power which trades with souls and gives them what they want.

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