Northen Lights Aurora phenomenon in Norway

4 Unexplained Natural Phenomenons You don’t have any Idea

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The round earth has more to it that just the uniqueness of how the poles are flat. That shiny blue marble why shouldn’t it fascinate us? And over the course of the past few centuries, we have learned much about Earth, which has only deepened our fascination with it. It never stops to surprise us and has never disappointed us with the thought that maybe we have explored it to the fullest. It has its own unexplained natural phenomenons, that are living with us daily, making us feel excited. Let’s have a look!


Moving Rocks Strange phenomenon in Death Valley

Some weight 320 kilograms which is 700 pounds but this doesn’t halt these puzzling and enigmatic rocks to manifest the pointers in the books of researchers by journeying the sand in uniform trails. These paths covering meters are straight and in harmony making sure they create it among the RACETRACK. Racetrack is a playa- dry lake bed, almost flat, in DEATH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK, California.

The area is usually dry; acquaintance waterfall only a couple of times a year and that too facing the runoff the sediments of the encompassing mountains bringing forth a shallow lake. The sailing stones have been studied since the early 1900s, has been either been contemplates as alien like cause or maybe human but nothing was approved. The land in the vicinity is acutely dry in the playa for masses to walk on. Scientists studied it to put the cards on the table.

It was in 2014 when the scientist put GPS trackers on various rocks and sat there to unlock this act. When it rains, the pond formed due to water freezes overnight on the playa. As the next day arrives, the ice is thawed. The icebergs hold these rocks, frozen in them. So when these water surrounded icebergs are played with by the air blown over the area, it becomes strong enough to make the iceberg move, along with the rock. We may have found the reason behind this anomaly but what if there are still lurking secrets around this place?


Northen Lights Aurora phenomenon in Norway

Feasting one’s eyes no less than an air castle come true, these bright, green lights escalating transversely in the whole sky is what you need to visit at least once in this lifetime. It’s like a blanket covering the whole of the sky, very cunningly spreading all across to shine it beauty for people to come here and awe it while it keeps its stay for 8 months in the Iceland.

This Aurora activity is seen from early September till the end of April in Iceland but is also in few other places such as Norway and Alaska. This experience which cannot be controlled by anyone is caused due to collision between electrically charged particles from the sun hat enters the earth’s layers. These can be in several colors such a green, pink or violet. Many travel bloggers have talked about it a lot and there are specific camps that are held each year in Iceland which is gifted by the visit of various people across the world spending their holidays in the arms of this beauty.


Magnificent Spotted Lake due to various minerals

Osoyoos is lucky to have such a beauty which is considered as a sacred place and that a lake with spots! Yes you read it right, the lake with 365 spots juts like the days in a year. This magnificent attraction has been there since world war 1 and was used to create ammunition. Worshipped by many people of the area as it is considered as a great source of medicine, this consists of minerals all around. These minerals such as calcium, Magnesium sulfate and sodium sulfate along with the traces of silver and titanium, harden around in summer.

The Lake is usually full of water while in hot summer, the water evaporates while the minerals harden to form natural walkways around and between the spots. It’s surrounded by gate barriers as it is a private property but still people come and acknowledge the changing colors of the spots. These spots, coming in different colors such as yellow, brown, green and blue can change during the time. This natural gift to British Columbia is something you don’t want to miss capturing in the photos.


Mysterious Maldives Beach with strangely glowing sand

Well defined as making people believe in that yes magic is true. Watching the site of land glowing in front of your eyes and awakening your thought of how beautiful the evening can be. Holiday makes prefer this holiday destination in Maldives where the beach never lets the people down by showing the Bio luminescence effect of the phyto-plankton present around, glowing in the dark which is basically a defense mechanism towards the predators around, shocking them.

These tiny organisms produce light using a chemical called luciferin. They produce cold light which means less than 20% of the light produces heat. Other countries that have reported sightings of bio luminescent plankton are Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, Puerto Rico and Jamaica. With its translucent waters, Vaadhoo Island in Maldives is an absolute paradise and travelers here wait for the sun to go down just to catch a glimpse of incredible phenomenon. It’s one such experience that ust be there on every offbeat traveler’s bucket list.

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