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Technology con-temporarily has taken next level leaps in terms of newer and vivid sources of communications. Web linked or telephonic the wait has been reduced to seconds when one just needs to connect with not just the near ones but also the ones who are really far. Telephones have always been the most convenient form of information exchange which is most likely verbal. It forms a vast network all across the world and keeps people connected, the ones who are alive. As much ridiculous as it sounds the fact that there have been calls from the dead will freak anyone out. As far as curses are concerned one can still think of a cursed telephonic device but can you imagine the devil can also be contact on Haunted Phone Numbers.

It might sound a little funnier than normal the eerie story behind the idea haunts many. One has definitely heard of Satan’s evil and Haunted Phone Numbers which he must be using to employ his own army of hell probably getting ready for Armageddon. On a more serious note séance or seance is process used to communicate with spirits which might be one of the reasons behind people getting all the more weird calls from the dead or supernatural. Here’s a list of some really creepy haunted numbers that have been claimed by people as “a call from behind the wall creatures”.


An urban legend in Thailand mentions the number 999-9999 in the cursed category. It is believed it’s a wish granting number i.e., if one calls on it and makes a wish it does somehow come true. The question is that how is it haunted. For once one can think of it as creepy but not haunted. What if I tell you it’s is more of a crossroad demon deal which takes away your soul or in simpler words brings death. As soon as one’s wish is granted they’ve been recorded of ending up dying in freakish accidents. So if you don’t want hellhounds pounding at your door all ready to grab you to hell I would recommend you not to try a trim trin on this.

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The Sadako’s number as they call it in Japan this one also bags itself a creepy place in the list for if one receives the not so pleasant call from the number there is a noisy static they hear. The Japanese lore says that anyone who calls this number meets death within a week in some kind of weird accident. Somehow number 4(shi) sounds like the word for “death”. The fact that the name sadako was appointed to the number is a little funny because it was the name of the ghost from the movie “ring”. Apparently the movie team didn’t have a great PR so the name was used as means to promote the film.

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0888 888 888

The number 0888 888 888 is believed to be cursed in Bulgaria. It’s a belief that anyone who has this mobile phone that holds this number has to end up dying a horrible death. Notably the first man who owned this number died of a really bizarre form of cancer. The second man in the series died by getting shot in a street and apparently the third in the line also died due to a similar cause. It was when people pointed the number cursed and nobody wanted to bring it in use. Further the mobile company had to suspend the number. Anyone who later tried calling on the number received nothing other than a prerecorded message stating the number doesn’t belong to the network coverage.

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One of the most Haunted Phone Numbers existing. There have been various theories about the devil, Satan, Lucifer and well many other synonyms of the same name. In general terms the devil isn’t considered to be one on the heavenly side or more like the godly side. He is the one who owns the hell, more like an army of demons. No one in particular would consider having a one on one chat with the devil himself. An urban legend in USA says that the number 666 belongs to the devil. People have claimed to hear eerie music, sometimes static noise when they’ve attempted to call. Some say they’ve experienced satanic noises while a number of them mentioned that nothing clearly happened.

1 (207) 404-2604

Another creepy PR technique for a movie was used to promote it. A horror movie called Carrie used the number 1 (207) 404-2604 at the end of the trailer saying “call Carrie” and the number was displayed. When one contacts the number another number calls back three times with a set of really creepy messages. The first one has a horrifying scream; the second message has a spooky song while the third comes with a scary whispering. It must be nothing but a promotional scheme to boost the movie audience more like creep them out but people have claimed of weird messages that followed them.

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One doesn’t really expect scary to be soothing. It’s scary for a reason and comes with a warning to not really go deep into it. So if you’re thinking to follow up any of the numbers make sure you have some holiness around you. Good luck!!

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