The Most Haunted Graveyards in the World

Lurking in the Haunted graveyards

Haunted Paranormal

Romantics hold that death is the paradoxical recognition of life. Death is inevitable. One who is born, would die. However, as humans, we crave for peaceful death. No one wants to die in pain by suffering from cancer or any other toxic ailment or in an accident. When we compose an eulogy for the dead, we only choose to narrate everything good about the dead. But that really does not mean that the person has had a good death. Our composition of eulogies are basically our grief we express, we feel the loss but we do not really know that what went on inside that person’s mind even at the time of death. There are several cases of suicides, deaths caused by depression, murders, accidents, traumas. The rate of unwanted deaths are more than the natural ones. Such people, facing an untimely demise, must have expected their near ones to turn up and save them but did not get anyone standing by them. In case of such deaths, though the bodies are buried, the spirits keep lurking, haunting various places. Haunted graveyards are not any myth or any fictional creations. They do exist.

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There are graveyards which are haunted for various reasons. Dead bodies buried over there are the cases of untimely demises. It is even believed that spirits protect the graveyards which is only place for their rest. There are a good number of haunted graveyards across the world. And each of them has a story to tell. Following are listed below.

St. Louis Cemetery

St. Louis in New Orleans is famous tourist spot. However, the cemetery here is the burial of the queen Marie Laveau who used to practice occult, witchcraft and voodoo. It is said that her spirit haunts the cemetery and threatens those who knock on her tomb.

Greyfriars Kirkyard

Greyfriars Kirkyard Cementery

Greyfriars Kirkyard is located in Edinburgh Scotland. This graveyard unlike the other graveyards is unexceptionally frightening as one might witness poltergeist taking place here. The poltergeist can also harm people so it is recommended not to step in here neither in the daylight and dare not in the dark. . The very sight of the place could get etched in the kind that it appears in the nightmares.

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Stull Cemetery

Stull Graveyard

Stull Cemetery also known as the Gateway to Hell, is situated in Douglas County, Kansas. It is believed that the entire graveyard is filled with horror as the evil lurks here. It is also believed that chances of survival after setting foot in this graveyard becomes remote. A church stand inside the premises but it would be foolish to expect any kind of protection of the divine as god does not reside there.

High Cemetery

High Cemetery is in North London, England. This is a renowned tomb as it holds the tomb of Charles Dickens and Karl Marx. But it is also famous for being haunted by the High-gate Vampire. According to the legend, the High-gate Vampire is a seven feet tall phantom that attacked people in the ancient days. The phantom continues to lurk in the cemetery haunting people.

Western Burial

Located in Baltimore, Western Burial happens to be the burial ground of Edgar Allan Poe, the renowned author in the Gothic genre. Apart from Poe, it is also the burial ground of Skull of Cambridge. The story goes that the skull is that of a minister who was assassinated . His skull was placed on the top of the segment made of cement in order to cease the screams that were coming out of the tomb. Visitors report that the screams could be heard even today which continue to haunt them even later.

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Resurrection Cemetery

Resurrection Cemetery Graveyard

Resurrection Cemetery is situated in Justice, Illinois. The word resurrection suggests biblical implications of something that is holy. However, this burial ground and the story behind it stands in stark contradiction to our beliefs and suggestions. Resurrection cemetery is believed to be the home ground of the famous Bloody Mary. A briefing about her would be helpful.

There lived a woman once by the name of Mary. As the tale goes, she was slovenly and ugly looking. So ugly that her very sight used to scare children. She was not allowed to reside in the society and hence had to reside in the outskirts, basically in the woods. Her ugly face woed her. She started murdering young children and consumed their blood as she believed that that would help her to look young and beautiful. Resurrection Cemetery happens to be her burial ground and the people are of the strong opinion that she is still spotted wandering about in the cemetery. She has blonde hair, attired in a white gown and is still threatening to lives.

Cemetery Hill

Cemetery Hill is located in Pennsylvania, is known as the most haunted of all places. Visitors have reported the presence of smells of phantoms and apparitions, warning people to leave.

Boot Hill

According to the photographers, a mysterious man always stood beside them in the photos of the graveyard. However, they never saw anyone when the photos were taken. The cemetery is believed to be haunted by a spirit who wields a knife. He continues to haunt the cemetery.

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South Park Cemetery

south park street cemetery in kolkata

One of the most haunted locations in the city of joy Kolkata is South Park Cemetery. The scenery of it is though mesmerizing but it holds the bodies of Englishmen who had premature deaths. People can still hear their whispers. It is recommended not to visit the place alone or not visit it at all as the consequences could be dire.

Nicholson Cemetery

Nicholson Cemetery is located in Delhi which is also known as the forgotten cemetery of Delhi. The epitaphs etched on the graves of the dead describe the personalities of the people lying there, dead. The spirits are believed to haunt this place and is dangerous to visit.

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Though the stories behind every haunting or every haunted location, especially the haunted graveyards are interesting to listen to and to read, visiting them brings about a great amount of risk. People, curious about the paranormal activities, might visit the places enlisted above but they could be as well tormented by the nightmares.