The most haunted hotels in the world

5 most haunted hotels in the world if you’re looking for a spooky vacation.

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Vacations are immensely important for a good escape. It is always a beneficiary idea to get away from the regular hassle of life. The whole idea of a tour is to book hotels, stay away from the usual curriculum, forget all sorts or worries and most of all having fun. Well this isn’t a piece of tourist packages or best places to visit during a fall. This one here is more of a ghastly description of world’s most Haunted Hotels spots to spend or preferably not spend your vacations on.

World is full of unsolved mysteries and unwanted presence. Well there might be a spirit right beside you in an observance or a poltergeist ready to haunt you all in and out, you never know. If one truly desires of a good Halloween experience they must probably step in the suites. Who knows they might get a ghoulish company. These Haunted Hotels are mysterious, ghastly, traced from spirits and above all haunted (good or bad, we’ll find out).

The First World Hotel

The Haunted First World Hotel in Genting

All the way to Kuala Lumpur awaits an appalling company of the dead. A grand residency of 7,351 rooms, the hotel is a known gamble spot. Well one has to gamble with the spirits if they plan to pay a visit here. Set in Malaysia’s Titiwangsa Mountains and lined with flabbergasting tropical rain forest accompanied by a theme park on its grounds, it mysteriously attracts visitors for the infamous paranormal presence.

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Poltergeists around this tormented hotel have a taste of haunting the rooms at nights ending up in bizarre sleepless nights for the accommodated ones. The gamblers who lost their big term pennies in the resort’s casino in past, share an interest of walking in the nights to create a horrendous experience around.

The Queen Anne Hotel

This image of Queen Ann haunted Hotel in CA

A cosy B&B hotel in the Pacific heights district of San Francisco this place initially was known as Miss Mary Lake’s girls school. The place is an alleged paranormal center for being petrified by the ghost of the headmistress (the principal figures are scary anyway). The school was sold against the will of hers, a result of which was the grisly experiences later.

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This haunted hotel portrays Victorian Style architecture in addition to the spirit of the strict headmistress. She remains there with her anguish and grief against the unwilling sell. Room 410 noticeably has a darker experience in particular in case you want a good spooky time along with the fact that she displays her etiquette’s of hospitality by adjusting the pillows and tucking one in the bed. She might unpack your luggage too. Well what a fine lady ghost she must be.

The Russell Hotel

The Russell Hotel

Situated in Sydney’s oldest neighborhoods this haunted hotels is in one of the most prominent spots of the city. In case one is looking for a place to crash after an elaborated interval of travelling across step ahead into the bedeviled experience (not guaranteeing a good sleep). During an outbreak of the bubonic plague in the early 1900s the place was used as a makeshift hospital which was frequented by rowdy seamen to lay their heads.

It is one of the best occult boutique guest houses among Sydney haunted by the spirits of the past that remain there and provide company. A sailor who resided in room 8 casts his gaze over the once who lodge there. Looking for a vivid experience? Go ahead and lay your bags down there to shake hands with the gentleman.

Hotel Burchianti

Deadly Hotel Burchianti of Italy

The former 1930s hang-out of Benito Mussolini, Hotel Burchianti is one of Florence’s spookiest spots. The visitors have been trembled by two very decent phantoms one of which is a old lady in the lobby who preferably fancies knitting while the other one is a dedicated maid punctual enough to wake up in the morning to provide a good cleanup (how very generous).

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The fresco room reportedly holds the biggest scare. While it has a ceiling beautifully decorated the room acquires an eerie presence haunting the ambience. There have been brave residents adventurous enough to have their nights spent within the cold presence of an unknown entity, someone who watches over them and the icy breath they’ve sensed around. These mysterious encounters are numerous which in no form have defamed the glory of the hotel

The Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

Haunted UNESCO The Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

One among the many Haunted Hotels is the centerpiece of Quebec’s old town, the hotel bags the place of a UNESCO World Heritage Site steeped in a rich history. Such a deemed platform it must be indeed unless we find out the spiritual reality behind it. Louis de Buade de Frontenac, 17th century governor of New France is where the hotel gets its name from who died there in 1698. There isn’t much of a story behind the indescribable death which is one reason why his presence in the surrounding areas is unexplained.

More than a span of three hundred years later, guests to The Château Frontenac have spotted the governor wandering around the halls and hotel grounds although the glamour of the hotel continue in-spite of the eerie presence.

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