The most haunted castles in the world

The Haunted Castles in Existence

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A reader of the twenty-first century or any random person is likely to deny the existence of ghosts and spirits. Yet the existence of haunted dwellings could not be denied. There are many haunted castles spread all over the world. The reason why they claimed to be haunted is the presence of some eerie sensations inside them. Well, if anyone spins a yarn of stumbling upon a fearful demeanor with a mutilated face or with the neck bent on one side or long pointed fingers it would be incredible to believe. Such appearances are limited to movies or Gothic books that have ever been made and written. No one can unhesitatingly assert how a spirit looks.

Such stories like stories of Ghoul, Vampires, Frankenstein, Count Dracula, Witches hold the audience in an awe-struck entertainment than to scare them because a brave heart or precisely a sensible heart won’t be given nightmares by such figures. People brimming with curiosity and who have actually shown the courage to visit such places have never produced any such verdict of witnessing any alien like figure which scared them away. It is basically a prejudice that places which are accused of being haunted consists of dead people moving hither and thither. It is important to subject everything to scrutiny. It is hence important to comprehend the reasons behind the fearful aspects of a haunted building. Since there are several of them located at the different parts of the world, enlisting few of the haunted castles would make the study easier. Whenever the words “haunted castles” come to our minds, we form a picture of a dilapidated buildings which is dark inside.

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A haunted castle or a cursed house is supposed to have witnessed brutal deaths in the past, the memories of which continue to enshroud the castle It has torture chambers in it, the insides are filthy with walls and corners full of cob webs and ravens sitting on the roof-top. In a nutshell, the haunted castles are supposed to be in such deplorable condition where life cannot be supported or even sustained. At least those are such scenarios we come across in the movies and the books of Edgar Allan Poe, Daphne du Maurier, Horace Walpole and other such writers of the Gothic genre.

Leap Castle

The Haunted Castle of Leap

Situated in Ireland, this castle has been built between thirteenth to fifteenth century. It is believed that the most gruesome deaths have taken place inside this castle. It was castle inhabited by the blue bloods and it was during struggle for power that one of the brothers ran a sword through another brother who was a priest by profession. The room in which this particular incident had taken place is known as the “bloody chapel” as the priest haunts the chapel. It is said that the haunting still continue and whoever have entered into the castle after that has not returned alive.

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Hill house

The American Hill House

Hill House is one of the most haunted houses in America. The house is stand amidst the woods and is empty now. It was inhabited by Hills who had to lose life in tragic way and ever since their death, the house is haunted by the members. The Haunting of Hill House is one of the most well known books in the gothic genre which consists of autobiographical elements in which the author Shirley Jackson shares the experience of her troublesome childhood in the hill house. It is stated that she and her siblings have grown up expressing paranormal activities. The haunting were etched so deep in their minds that they kept chasing them till their adulthood. Their life later, even after leaving the house, was not smoothened out as they were still followed by the nightmares.

The eerie figures and the ghostly figures that she ever witnessed continued to appear even outside the house. Mysteriously enough, the house looked fine in it’s exteriors but it’s interiors were impervious to sunlight. It is said that it is always cold inside the house and every different member perceived it differently. It is really astonishing and irksome as well that a house constituted of bricks and stones can exercise so much of power over the lives of people.

Chillingham Castle


Chillingham castle happens to be one of the most haunted castles in Britain. It bears a frightful background which is the history of prisoner ridden dungeons and torture chambers. It is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a white lady who is a lonesome spirit. She ensnares people whoever sets foot in the castle.

Voergaard Castle

Famous Voergaard Castle

Voergaard Castle is situated in Denmark, the land which is for the residence of Hamlet. Artistic in appearance the castle carries with it a dark past. The story is that of a psychopath owner of the castle who killed it’s architect so that he could never design another such palace anywhere. Many people are of the opinion that the owner haunt the house by wandering in the castle. This castle too is impervious to light and it also consists of a torture chamber where people were punished and put to death in the most fear-some manner.

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Mysterious Putulbari in Kolkata

The most renowned of all places in Kolkata, India is Putulbari. This palatial establishment has been in ruins from quite some time. It once happened to be a place for the criminal and sordid undertakings. It is said that young girls and ladies were trafficked in that castle. They are brought and raped by the Maharajas and his associates. People living around the palace still complain of hearing ravings from the voices unknown. However, the government has banned entry into the castle as it has been responsible for several deaths of the innocent people. Even wandering near the building is prohibited.

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From the list mentioned above what could be noticed is that the castles still bear the memories of their gruesome pasts. The very word “ghosts” or “spirit” may have several implications. These words mutually mean “memory” which is not in existence in real but in our imaginations. And it is a remarkable feature of memories that it would take the shape of nightmares and horror if the past does not pass on a good note. It is probable that the untimely and the unwanted deaths of the beings associated with the castle have been unable to accept their present state of non existent. It is what a philosopher might term “maya” which never wanes even after death.

Ballygally Castle

The BallyGally Castle

Ballygally Castle was built in 1625 as a defensible residence by a Scotsman named James Shaw. As is characteristic with many castles in Europe, Ballygally Castle is alleged to be haunted by traditional spirits. Located about 30 minutes north of Belfast, the castle sits on the Irish Sea, complete with a view of a lighthouse in the distance.

Perhaps the most active being the previous resident, Lady Isobel Shaw. The man who built this Haunted Castles, Lord James Shaw, wanted a son, and when his other half delivered his heir, he took the baby from his wife and locked her in a room at the top of the castle.  A couple of years later, Isabella Brisbane Shaw, either slid, jumped, or was pushed out of a tower window. Today, her ghost haunts the castle. According to reports, her ghost is friendly and entertains herself by knocking on doors and then vanishing. The castle allegedly plays host to a number of spirits. Over the years, many guests have reported peculiar experiences and have felt a presence in their rooms. There are also never-ending stories of unexplained noises in the night, and a weird green mist over the Castle.

The spirits of soldiers who died defending or attacking the castle have also been seen here. Many armed and in uniform. Another usually sighted ghost is Madame Nixon who lived in the hotel in the 19th century, who can be seen and heard walking around in her silk dress. Fifty years ago BallyGally castle was expanded and turned into a hotel. Today guests can enjoy both ancient history and the presence of traditional spirits.

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