Haunted Items

The Curse of Crying Boy Painting — World’s Deadliest

When Italian painter Giovanni Bragolin painted his infamous series of paintings of crying boys and girls back in the 1950s, he perhaps didn’t know that these would in the future ...
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Robert The Cursed Doll

Robert The Doll: Real life Haunted Toy in Existence

One of the oldest toys that almost all of us have had as kids are dolls, they came in all sizes, from those wooden colourful ones, to the ones with ...
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SILVER BASANO VASE which is cursed artefact

The Cursed Tale of Silver Basano Vase

History of Basano Vase Somehow the earliest record of Basano Vase dates back to 15th century in a small town north of Napoli, Italy. The tales mention that it was ...
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