The world famous statue of unity

9 Famous Statues and Sculptures in the World


In the running world, we have to sometimes stop and think about some things in life that are required too, and one of them is traveling. It involves making you into something new which you were not when you left home. Being able to understand and tolerate a new culture is one of the phases of growing up and accepting the society. Its starts with involving yourself into new things that help you grow out of the cocoon in order to widen real life connections. These main attractions of the cities are the one which you would definitely love to travel to. These most famous statues do speak, you just need to hear.

Moai Sculptures

The prominent sculptures of Moai

These stone statues poring over the Easter Island to roll out the red carpet for the people there, they board 40 feet sky-high and 75 tons in weight gigantic stone head, outstretched and suiting up a red stone hat together with taking the custody of volcanic slope of Rano Raraku. 850 and yet more to go, these stand on uninterrupted platforms with the tomb of the gone to meet the maker just underneath.

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Residing on the Island, they are also called as Rapa Nui. Barring no one, Moai monuments chalk up many prevalent characteristics, such as pursed lips, exposed chins, and deep-set eyes, but the long-range expressions of them would not be aforementioned by the rulers or warriors of the past. Conducting common life brain wave, they glow pride from their skin. Crafted with volcano rock by people of the island in 1400 AD, this sculptures define power, unity and strength of the communities which used to live on this island.


Status of Christ the redeemer in Rio

Dignifying 98 feet tall, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Christ de Redeemer was completed in 1931. This famous statue has been named one of the New 7 Wonders of the World as in 2007. It took 5 years to get concluded and has a miniature chapel within the pedestal. Fundamentally sculpted in France, was later taken in pieces to Brazil. The material was made to fight the weather and cracking, made out of soapstone. Christ the Redeemer became the largest art decor monument in the world.

The Motherland Calls

The Motherland Calls famous warrior

The Mother Russia Statue which is also known as the “Motherland Calls” is one of the most famous female statues around the globe. It also comes under the list of famous statues in Europe. Located in Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd, it covers the central part of triptych. It is a known fact that the sword forged on the bank of the Urals was later raised by the Motherland in Stalingrad and omitted after the victory in Berlin.

From Russia with love, putting a lock in the Guinness Book of World Records the tallest Famous Statues which is free standing statue in the world which stands 52m, 170 feet, is termed as The Motherland Calls, contained of a stainless steel sword in hand and still is strong enough to hold itself without any support. When it was dedicated in 1967, it was the tallest free-standing statue in the world. Standing on the plate like a figure on the chess board, it has a hollow inside and consists of separate cells.

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The plinth measures another 2 meters (6.6 ft), and is installed on a concrete foundation with a depth of 16 meters (52 ft). The sculpture was cast layer by layer using special molds, using 5,550 tons of concrete and 2,400 tons of metal. Before installing the monument, the workers poured concrete into the basis 15 meters deep.

The Sphinx

The most well known sphinx

One of the world’s largest monuments, located in Giza, Egypt is the Great Sphinx. Marvelously crafted, with the body of a lion and the head of a human, this is a prominent mythological figure in Egyptian, Asian, and Greek mythology. It was believed to be built about 4500 years ago by the pharaoh. Many other ancient sculptures, famous statues, early paintings, and reliefs of the figure popped up across the country but the sphinx became a symbol of royalty and the power of the sun. Today, the Sphinx is continuing to deteriorate due to wind, humidity, and pollution. The archeologists then had to repair the damages made by the restoration process. They reversed the whole process by carefully removing the cement from the cracks and sealing it with something that is non-invasive.

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The Thinker

The Thinker - famous statue in Europe

Catching the attention of the human race, this famous statue in Europe has its various form, originally he was presented in the gardens in the Rodin museum in Paris in 1908. Made by French artist Auguste Rodin, the well know statue shows a muscular figure in his moment of concentrated introspection. The founder originally called this amazing figure THE POET. Rodin himself made more than 10 castings of the Thinker.

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Today, plaster and bronze versions of The Thinker can be seen in Melbourne’s National Gallery of Victoria, Geneva’s Musée d’Art et d’Histoire, Washington D.C.’s National Gallery of Art, and Paris’ Musée Rodin, just to name a few. One was placed over the graves of Rodin and his wife, Rose, at their home in Meudon, a suburb of Paris.


Rock monument of the mermaid

With many copies in the world, The Little Mermaid from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, the sculpture is sitting on a rock at Langelinie in the harbor of Copenhagen, Denmark. Being 25% larger than life-size, it is a twin-tailed beauty. The rock marvel is made of bronze and granite. It is one of the major tourist attractions in the world and it turned 106 in 2019. It receives more than hundreds of thousands of visitors per year.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty

Out of all the famous statues around the world, this is the most impressive. The Statue has a 35-foot waistline, holding a torch from 1886 and tablet upon which is inscribed the date of American declaration of Independence JULY IV MDCCLXXVI (July 4, 1776). It has 154 steps from the pedestal to the head of the statue. As the name outshines its purpose, it has a crown of 7 spikes representing 7 oceans and the 7 continents of the world.

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The statue will be celebrating its 134th birthday in October 2017. It has a skin of copper which by the early 20th century started oxidizing due to exposure to rain, wind and sun. In 1984, it was closed and underwent massive restoration in time for its centennial celebration.

Do you know : The Statue of Liberty was gifted to USA by the French commemorating the alliance of France and the United States during the American Revolution.



Christ of the Ozarks is a monumental figure of Jesus and is situated on the mountains located near the Eureka Springs in Arkansas. It is one of the most famous American statues. This exceptional statue was erected in 1966 by Gerald L.K. Smith and was known as the “Sacred Project”.

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This statue has its place among the 5 giant statues of Jesus in the whole world. This figure of Lord Jesus is made up of white mortar and is seven stories tall. It weighs around 2 million pounds which is around 540 tons. This great piece of art was primarily designed by Emmet Sullivan who also gave his efforts in the Dinosaur world. The arms of Jesus Christ in this statue are outstretched straight signifying crucifixion.



This statue exists between the lists of the world famous statues and is located at the southwest tip of Wuxi and on the Majishan Peninsula stretching from the northern Bank of Taihu Lake. It is one of the largest Buddha statues in China as well as in the entire world. The height of this statue is more than 88 meters and weighs over 700 tones. It is a bronze Sakyamuni statue built at the end of 1996. During spring festival, travelers from around the world visit this place, as it is believed to bring good luck. It is 17 meters taller than the Leshan Giant Buddha in Sichuan.