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Mysterious Disappearances of People Leaving No Clue

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People disappearing under mysterious circumstances is nothing new. It has been happening since the advent of humanity. And ever since the advent of machines and the advancement of science, these disappearances remained unexplained. It is, however, really irksome when a person vanishes into the thin air and is never seen ever again. In the book It by Stephen King, the story has been based up on mysterious disappearances of kids and adults in the baleful town of Derry. The mysterious disappearances are incredible and are conceived through stories and not when it actually happens to someone we know.

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Disappearance or destruction is inevitable. Something which is in existence, will be non-existent one day. Mysterious disappearances are disturbing because we are not sure whether or not the person is still in existence and also we fail to decipher a concrete reason behind their disappearances. This article emphasis’s on the recognition of certain mysterious disappearances.

Virginia Dare

virginia dare harpers vanishes

Virginia Dare was born in August 18, 1587 in Roanoke Colony. This colony was set up by her grandfather Mr. White. Unfortunately, white could never see Virginia grow up as when he returned to Roanoke after a brief period of time, the entire colony was vanished. The mysterious disappearance of the town remains unexplained to this day.

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Owen Parfitt

photo when Owen Parfitt was disappeared

Owen Parfitt had disappeared from the front porch of his sister’s house. In the summer of 1763, while living with his sister in the town known as Shepton Mallet, Parfitt disappeared. His disappearance is astonishing as the 60 years old Owen was paralyzed I.e. he was unable to move. It is impossible for him to get up and wander off to somewhere else. His disappearance could not be deciphered.

Ambrose Bierce

Ambrose Bierce is a renowned figure as he happens to be an author. He wrote in the genre of mystery. Well, this reminds us of a quote(a minor change of pronoun in this case) from John Green’s Fault in Our Stars, “He loved mysteries so much that he became one”. The story goes that one day, when Bierce was nearly in his 70s, he informed his friends about his trip to Mexico to join Pancho Villa’s Revolution. He sent letter from Mexico, he was never seen again. It is probable that he must have been killed or he must have killed himself.

Paula Jean Welden

Mysterious Disappearances of Paula Jean Welden

Paula Jean Welden was just a sophomore at Bennington college. Her disappearance is a bit eldritch as she walked out of the campus to take a stroll and never returned again. Her father was kept under suspicion for her abrupt disappearance but was found innocent. A man was heard bragging that he knew where Paula’s body have been buried but he could not help the police. Her disappearance remains a mystery to this day. No one knows what happened to Paula.

Keith Reinhard

The story of Keith is associated with another man by the name of Tom Young, who took his dog out for a walk, somewhere in Colorado and never returned again. Young had rented a room to Keith Reinhard. Keith was a passionate writer who was fascinated by Young’s story and started working on a novel, the main character being an amalgamation of Keith and Tom. After a week, tom’s dead body was found and on that very week and day on which Young’s body was discovered, Keith has went for a hike and never returned.

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Brian Shaffer

The dissappearance of Brian Shaffer

Brian was a 27 years old medical student who disappeared on April 1, 2006. On the night of his disappearance, his movements were captured by a security camera. He was found entering a Columbus bar with his friends but not leaving. His friends and family were of the opinion that young Brian who was depressed by the death of his mother, slipped out of the bar intentionally to avoid contacts and people again.

The disappearances recorded in the annals are disturbing. They cannot be described vividly as no concrete reasons could be unearthed even by the family of the people who disappeared mysteriously. However, in all the cases, criminal motives could be easily noted. Though, their mysterious disappearances are unexplained, we should try to measure them with logic and reason. We should be well aware of whatever is going on around us to deter such loses.

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