Real Ancient Curses

Belief in things like dark magic and curses date back centuries. Many deny the existence of them now but even in this modern world ruled by technology and science, there are countless phenomena that cannot be explained in terms of practicality. There are countless objects and places around the world that are thought to be cursed. They may appear seemingly innocent and normal on the outside, but some things have such powerful curses attached to them that they are known to have destroyed lives in the past. Many of them have a history behind them as to where the curse or supernatural power inside them came from, while many others have remained unexplained. Regardless, the number of people who have been affected by these ancient curses has been too high to brush these curses off as mere hoaxes or fraud. As strange or mysterious as they are, real life curses do exist and have made themselves apparent in the lives of people many times since the ancient days.

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Tomino’s Hell - Endeavor the Curse

Words, something that hold power, power to think and understand one’s expression of mind for they drip from minds itself and create a world of their own. It is said ...
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From valuable jewels such as the Hope diamond to simple, everyday-life objects such as the Silver Basano Vase or the Crying Boy painting, real life curses have manifested themselves into various items that exist in the world. One only has to read up on them to know about the sheer power with which such cursed objects have ruined entire dynasties and homes. Even today when the belief in the occult is becoming less and less prevalent, people are scared to possess these things themselves. As difficult as it is to believe in something as surreal as real-life curses, history has shown us time and again through stories and experiences that not everything that exists has to be visible to the eye. Sometimes, the most powerful of phenomena are those that cannot be seen.