The cursed TOMB Of King Tuthenkhaman in Egypt

Strange Real Life Curses That will make you Believe Curses Exist

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Counting back from the ancient days it has been a belief among people that dark magic or dark powers of curses exist. People have laid their faith in things as such in terms of protecting themselves or to take revenge upon something. There have been stories and mythical discussions that link to the presence of such powers. Certain incidents in history draw a line of thought that confirm or by far exemplify the existence of curses. History holds various examples of real life curses that exist in modern world taking people back to the vision of black magic. Few of the many examples are listed down which when brought in contact of people has brought immense bad luck for them.


tomb of king tut

The tomb of King Tut/Tutankhamun is considered to be the king of all curses across the world. Discovered in 1922, by archaeologist Howard Carter the legend says that he ignored a curse written on the tomb walls stating that anyone attempting to disturb the pharaoh’s mummy will have to slide into the roller coaster of death. There are a number of such tombs with curses carved on them. A series of death has been followed by the ones who were responsible for opening the tomb.

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Lord Carnarvon, the financial hand behind the expedition died within six weeks from a blood infection following the disturbance of the grave. Other people associated with the digging of the grave died within a year including the radiologist who did X-ray of the mummy. The most mysterious victim of this Real Life Curses was a bird, Carter’s Canary that was hunted by a cobra which is ancient Egyptian symbol of the pharaohs.

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SILVER BASANO VASE which is cursed artefact

The Italian creation of the 1400s this vase is known to bring instant death to its owners. Initially made for a young bride it killed a long chain of successive owners of it including her and was later handed over to a priest for its burial forever. Marking its rediscovery in 1988 it was found along with a notes that said “Beware, this vase brings death” was vigorously ignored by the one who found it. He got rid of the note and sold vase out of greed in an auction. A pharmacist who was reportedly the first buyer of the vase died shortly followed by an archaeologist who bought it later. It wasn’t for long that Basano acquired a terrifying reputation for itself and was dug deep inside the earth after museums refused to keep it. All it is waiting for is to be found again (not that one is actually trying to discover it).

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The Hope Diamond with its curse

One of the most known Real Life Curses Walking back to the early 1900s as per the news records the history of this 46 carat blue diamond with an estimated cost of around $200-250 million is much ancient. Legends mention its first appearance in India on the forehead of the statue of a Hindu god from where it was stolen. It is also said that the French merchant, Jean-Baptiste Taverrier who stole the diamond around 1666 had his flesh and bone torn by dogs. Although he happened to sell the diamond to King Louis XVI who was beheaded during French Revolution marks its cursed rapport. Owned by the Hope family later it acquired the name “hope” brought a lot of bad luck to them.

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They had immense monetary issues to deal with after the diamond was brought to the family. Circumstances forced Lord Francis Hope to sell the diamond in order to pay his debts. An American socialite, Evalyn Walsh Mc Lean namely the final owner of the diamond lost his son who committed a suicide and her daughter to drug overdose and well her husband to another woman. The family business also went under massive loss and the family was left bankrupt. The Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington D.C. owns the diamond at present and claims that it has brought nothing but fair luck since 1958.


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The Terracotta army, 2,200 years old detailed series of 8,000 sculptures was buried long back as a part of a tomb under the grounds of China. Since its discovery it has attracted numerous tourists and academicians apart from the ones who actually found it. In 1974 around seven peasants in China dug a well for their village and uncovered the sculptures. It has been a series of misery for the ones who claimed the discovery of it. The government of China to do the complete unearthing of the land took their property, destroyed several homes the result of which was financial loss and deaths to many. People somehow believe that it was the government which led to all the destruction whereas others believe in the curse that follows the unearthing of the tomb similar to that of Tut’s tomb.

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The American Kennedy family is known for the misery they’ve encountered for the series of tragedic deaths in the family. Few arguments about the death state that they were absolutely normal but when brought under thought how is it that one family sees a number of deaths consistently. The curse was set off when President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. Five years later it was Robert Kennedy who was assassinated. Ted Kennedy who survived a plane crash couldn’t fulfill his presidential dreams either for he ran into a crash leaving Mary Jo dead.

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Robert Kennedy’s son died of drug overdose while the other lost his life in a skiing accident. John F. Kennedy junior reportedly died in a plane crash along with his wife and daughter. Mary Kennedy the estranged wife of JFK Jr. hanged herself recently. The family has been through a long series of calamity and deaths which point towards the fact that there is a certain curse that has been following them for decades.