SILVER BASANO VASE which is cursed artefact

The Cursed Tale of Silver Basano Vase

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History of Basano Vase

Somehow the earliest record of Basano Vase dates back to 15th century in a small town north of Napoli, Italy. The tales mention that it was initially gifted to a young bride a night before her wedding mostly for the sake of good fortune. What is bizarre is that the lady never showed up at her own day and what was discovered later was tragic. She was found dead the following morning which rose terms like murder, self slaughter while some had no explanations in the context. There hasn’t been much of an angle of murder or a suicide so latter is more in the picture.

After the unfortunate incident Basano Vase came into the possession of another family member who perished shortly after receiving it. Later it was passed on to another family member followed by the same pattern of events that is immediate death after the possession of the haunted article. The haunting was disclosed and they did realise its cursed and deadly in result of to which it was hidden away. Even the hiding theory consists of several claims. People say it was buried while the other thesis states that it was hidden with the help of a priest assuming in some holy place to keep away the curse. Either of the versions could be right because the further part of the lore has about a 100 year interval.

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Basano Vase - The Tale

A series of cursed objects, poems and places we’ve dealt with in previous articles give a factual description of the fact that curses do exist. Certain curses happen to cause strange mysterious circumstances while many are fatal too. These eerie objects have very curious tales behind them. The Silver Basano Vase also has a strange tale hanging behind it. It brought nothing but death to the one who owned it. There hasn’t been enough explanation of the incidents and neither did one unearth the mystery behind its fatal possession or its power to kill someone.

The scrutinization of the vase is not likely to be done, for its whereabouts are unknown. There isn’t any record of an eyewitness accounting the bedeviled vase but what exists is the lore of the death scenes. The mere thought that a 4 pound silver vase which was solely crafted as a wedding gift can be murderous unless somebody bangs someone’s head. Various websites have listed the vase as one of the most haunted objects known although it misses the area of details which leads to a bewildered research for the paranormal experts in terms of origin of the vase.

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The Rediscovery

The vase remained buried until it was resurfaced in 1988 bringing another wave of death along with it. The rediscovery entails about a young man who dug it up (unknown geography) and the informative detail lacks there. It is believed that the Basano Vase was buried with a note that said “Beware….. This vase brings death”. The warning somehow was abruptly neglected by the young man who discovered it in terms of the fact that the vase could bring in some finance.

The vase was then put up for the auction without the warning note and was sold to a pharmacist for some 4 million Italian lire. Again, the name of the buyer and the auction house again remains a mystery. What is known is that the pharmacist died after three months and his family later sold the cursed item to a doctor who also followed the line of death. The vase again landed into the possession of an archaeologist who collected artefacts who died of a mysterious infection. The causes of death never really had a detailed explanation.

The last sale then came into the picture with least information about the owner other than the fact that he died one month within the possession of the Basano Vase. The continuous bizarre series of death became a matter of serious haunting the vase became un-sellable. If one has to believe the stories it is said that the last victim or owner in order to break free from the curse tossed the vase out of the window.

The Denial of Acceptance

Somehow the family didn’t encounter any further tragedy but that’s not where the horror ends. When tossed out it almost hit a police officer he went up to collect fine from the one who threw it at him. The family agreed or the fine but wasn’t ready to take back the vase.  The guy decided to place the vase in museum which due to the infamous events wasn’t being accepted either. The belief was so strong that no institution was ready to accept it which is a little weird because there are many cursed objects and artefacts that are put up into various museums all across the world.

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The theory that flashes across all this is that the details in the story aren’t stagnant which somehow depends on who have been dictating them. Certain paranormal websites consider interplanetary discussions to give an exaggerated uphold to the lore. There has only been one photograph of the Basano Vase which has been circulated all over the internet or magazines. The vase made its place in various listicles of the cursed objects among the top ten of them. The details of the incidents have been very thin and much information isn’t accounted in terms of the victims or the unfortunate events. Another missing detail adds is to why is the vase cursed. Even the one who crafted the vase isn’t much into the record.

SILVER BASANO VASE which is cursed artefact

The Conflict

One of the tales mentions a dying woman who apparently was murdered and in her last breath whispered that she would take vengeance. The material from which it was crafted which is silver doesn’t explain the curse. Silver somehow has been known to keep the evil away and cease its propagation. Silver is clearly an unlikely choice for an object to be cursed for it is always on the opposite side of the evil. Sulphur is the only element which discolours silver also being associated with certain concepts of evil mostly if thought of demonic possession or presence.

The fact that a curse was bound to a silver object weighing 4 pounds has to be immensely powerful to stick to it. For once people could have ignored the fact that it was cursed because it was crafted very simply even when the word simple was not in vanity but the number of deaths weren’t coincidental and one couldn’t brush off the fact that there was a negative imprint on it. The question that remains in the picture is that what type of curse the Basano Vase is associated with. Since the vase is currently hidden one isn’t aware of the kind of evil imprint it has on it.

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