Haunted Places

A Scary Asylum

Haunted Asylums: Scariest in the World

A plot consisting of haunted asylums is one that has been quite overused in horror films. Many movies worldwide have shown a scene where a woman with untangled, unruly hair sits on a bed, staring at the wall with hollow ...
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5 Most Haunted Churches in the World

Churches, with their beautiful arches and strong pillars, have been a place for people to pray, confess their sins and feel a deep connection with their religion for many centuries. It is natural to associate churches with peace and safety, ...
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Inunaki Village Entrance

Inunaki Village: The Haunted Village of Japan

Urban legends and horror stories have been a part of Japan’s culture for centuries. From cursed objects to haunted places, this country has seen and believed it all. As scary and fascinating as all these urban legends are, nothing probably ...
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Deadly Crypts and Catacombs

Scariest Crypts and Catacombs in the World

Skulls, bones, and a suffocating odor that smells distinctly like death. These are possibly the first things that come to mind when one thinks of crypts and catacombs, and rightly so. Located mostly under churches and cathedrals, catacombs are underground ...
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Mysterious Putulbari in Kolkata

Most Popular Haunted Places in India

Don't we all love to hear horror stories? Though horror films are not meant for the weak hearted, pretty much everyone is intrigued by the idea. Similarly curiosity spikes up when the talk is about haunted places. Come one, then ...
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The Most Haunted Graveyards in the World

Lurking in the Haunted graveyards

Romantics hold that death is the paradoxical recognition of life. Death is inevitable. One who is born, would die. However, as humans, we crave for peaceful death. No one wants to die in pain by suffering from cancer or any ...
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The most haunted castles in the world

The Haunted Castles in Existence

A reader of the twenty-first century or any random person is likely to deny the existence of ghosts and spirits. Yet the existence of haunted dwellings could not be denied. There are many haunted castles spread all over the world ...
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The most haunted hotels in the world

5 most haunted hotels in the world if you’re looking for a spooky vacation.

Vacations are immensely important for a good escape. It is always a beneficiary idea to get away from the regular hassle of life. The whole idea of a tour is to book hotels, stay away from the usual curriculum, forget ...
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