The places where you are not allowed to enter

Forbidden Places you are not Allowed to Visit

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Do you have a bucket list? It’s a never ending process, the one which you can’t even consider ending as it just keeps going on. It gives you hope, hope to take one step for yourself, to do something out of your tight corners and enjoy what you have missed till now. But now there are several places in this world, which have their own stories, stories which you can only hear but can’t see as they are legally forbidden for any human invasion. These can be due to their, prohibition or unauthorized access, paranormal activities they share or due to military purposes. Let’s have a look and unfortunately you might as well leave these forbidden places on earth ones off your bucket list.


terracotta army in forbidden city of QIN SHI HUANG

The concern of people believing in afterlife isn’t taken much into consideration now but back then, in the arena of 300 BC, it surely was. Startlingly in 1974, a case rang the doorbell of the Chinese government hitting them with tons of bricks. While digging a well in the outer city, the farmers located an strange army of clay soldiers with mysteriously their all swords and arrows, all with their otherworldly uniforms and contra distinctive facial expressions.

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By further speculations through scientists this was constructed as the tomb of the very first emperor of the Qin – Ying Zheng. This was the army constructed in order to protect him in his afterlife. This unparalleled tomb is one with intensified mercury concentrations having sectors with 4 stair-like wall chambers. This stupendous refinement manifesting the life of how he ran his kingdom with the dancers, musicians and the acrobats full of life and caught in mid performance. This tomb was one among the forbidden places where Chinese people were not allowed to enter.

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The soldiers are known as the TERRA COTTA soldiers and were thought to prohibit anyone in aftelife. The area is still to be discovered and is taken into doubt if still to be explored as after the contact from the air, the situation of the paint and the material of all the equipment found there changed. We never know what else this complex mystery holds for us in this forbidden place.



This place doesn’t live in darkness but the darkness lives here. This is the place with its own fantasy distanced with the reality of our lives. Positioned off the coast of northern Italy, this is a location that hosted 1000 refugees of black plaque victims. It is no less than thrill sucking adventure to visit that place due to the bloodcurdling stories that have come to knowledge of how things went on there. It is a small island less than half a mile from Venice was built by Venetian government.

It was initially embracing 160000 infected souls, and thus now the soil is considered to be partly of the human remains. In 1922, there as mental hospital opened there and the doctor was accused of performing strange experiments on patients. He was said to have gone mad and the he killed the patients. Later he was found dead in the bell of the tower. The bell was removed but still the locals have reported the bell chimes during sundown from the island. Closed in 1968, no work has since been done there as no one reported back alive and safe from mysterious place.

North Sentinel Island, India

north sentinel island place that is hidden from the world

There are sections in this world, yet demanding scrutiny of the world. And maybe just maybe, some of them just don’t want to. Yes you read it right, some rankand file endure in this world, living prehistorically, till infatuating just on the fruits and tubers that grown on island.

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These are the people from North Sentinel Island. This 59.6 km sq island, in the Bay of Bengal is of the Andaman’s. Casting aside any check with the outer world, these folks are recognized experiencing huts, forming small and narrow outrigger canoes. These canoes are pressing into service to fish and harvest crabs. Just like the prehistoric times, they settle in groups, luxuriate in the unmixed environment unaware to enjoy any other means. Around 80-150 people live there. They do not allow any human invasion and news have been reported of how people who sailed to this place which is not allowed to visit illegally were killed by the tribe, thus is considered as the most dangerous and isolated tribe. They still use tools and weapons tipped with iron, carrying bows and arrows for their protection.


Mysterious painting in untold cave of LASCAUX

The finest example of how the people in the past have left behind their art for us to look at and understand how they lived their life is the Lascaux cave and the paintings there. Although closed for any human entry, these were discovered in 1940 and are about 325m. Having walls of limestone there have different chambers such as Hall of Bulls, or the Axial Passage.

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Under the surveillance of UNESCO, these are monitored on regular basis and were closed in 1963 for people to visit as the carbon dioxide contact of the paintings started to ravage them. This forbidden area in the world is no less than immense beauty showed the wild life such as the deer, horses and the skill the human contained back then and how it has evolved to develop such new and great technologies today.

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