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Ghost Ships : Underwater Mysteries Unexplained

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The best secrets are the most twisted. Mystery surrounds the air and holds questions unanswered, events unexplained and secrets untold. Mystery sometimes encircles black times that go as they come and we do not know how they come or why they go. This article covers fear as a curtain which when rose discloses the mysterious disappearances and mishaps passed by the souls of seas, Ghost ships, the sailors and the anglers. It comprises of a number of ships that disappeared from the mid of the sea in thin air.

These seafaring ghost ships or phantom ships do not sail anymore and are thought to be the results of bad omen. These are parts of marine legends and do lack authenticity at times. A number of these ships provoke speculations and fearful anticipations. Let’s sink into the mystery of these phantom sea dwellers and experience the eerie disappearances.

The Caleuche

The ghost ship for the Caleuche

The legend of Chilota mythology covers the Calueche which is portrayed as a ghost ship. It is believed that the ship drifts towards the island of Chiloe every night. It carries a belief that there were numerous people who drowned in the sea and their ghosts surround the ship. Seems they were partying in the middle of the sea and the storm washed the dreary music away which is one reason the Calueche beautifies its appearance surrounded by party music and laughter (as per the description of the legend which somehow isn’t a ghastly description). The ship stays for a few moments around the island and then in a swish drowns itself under water.

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It is mentioned that there are three water spirits resembling the figurative appearance of mermaids- the Sirena Chilota, the Pincoya and the Picoy who summon the spirits of those who drowned.

Mary Celeste

Considerably the most famous real-life ghost ships story, this one entrails a series of mysterious disclosures. it was November 7, 1872 when a captain, his wife and two-year-old daughter along with seven crewmen set out from New York to Italy aboard the Mary Celeste. Their arrival was expected in about a month but Dei Gratia, a British ship found the ship adrift in the Atlantic ocean in surprisingly unharmed condition including the personal belongings of the crew members, the sails were all up along with a cargo hold of around 1500 alcohol barrels.

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Although the mystery holds to itself since there weren’t any lifeboats, a captain’s logbook and outrageous enough there wasn’t any crew. If it was a pirate attack the things wouldn’t have been found unharmed. There are theories that describe the fact that there was a scenario of poisonous food consumption which further led to the insanity among the crew causing crew mutiny or waterspout killing. There is a possible explanation that a storm or perhaps a technical issue compelled the crew to abandon the ship, they must have taken the lifeboats and would have drowned further. Not just these theories but it also streams into the presence of sea monsters, alien abductions and oh the ghosts of the dead.

Lady Lovibond

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This haunted ship goes back in the time of valentine in 1748. A story that kindles with jealousy, revenge and rage makes it interesting. A day before the Valentine’s day, the ship sailed as a celebration of the captain’s wedding. There was a rage lying behind the heart of one of his friends who fell for his wife and out of vengeance he conned the ship towards the notorious goodwill sands which resulted into sinking and mass death. It has been seen sailing around Kent every fifty years. People who spotted the ship sent help to rescue the members in an assumption that it might be in a situation the ship wasn’t found. This ship continues in the list of legends inspite of known and unknown spotting.

Carroll A. Deering

The Carroll A. Deering cargo ship along with its ten-man crew successfully sailed to Rio de Janeiro in 1920. There was a need to change the captain due to illness of the former. On its way back to Virginia a strange encounter occurred. A lightship keeper in North Carolina directed a crewman who didn’t resemble someone as an officer announced that the ship had lost its anchors while the rest of the crew was suspicious. An Anchor tattoo is the one that defines a real sailor. The very next day another ship spotted the Caroll A. Deering near on the outer banks which was a strange course for a ship on its way back to Virginia. The very same day another ship was found wrecked which caused fear in the anticipation f the initial events.

The mystery of Bermuda Triangle Solved

Investigators couldn’t get near the scene for four days. When reached the spot there was food lying around as if it was ready to be cooked although the belongings of the crew and lifeboats weren’t seen. The government somehow followed the lead on pirates or mutinies but no fruitful result came out.

Flying Dutchman

The mythical ship of flying dutchman
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Legends say the Dutchman refers to the captain of the ship, a man cursed to sail the seas forever and never make land. Some say the captain and his ship are doomed to forever try to round a stormy cape, never quite succeeding and always being beaten back by the howling wind and waves. One of the most infamous ghost ships has left the maximum impact like no other by inspiring numerous paintings, films, books, opera, etc. Pirates of the Caribbean is one such movie which uses the portrayal of this cursed seafarer.

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Van der Decken, the captain, on its way towards East Indies, determined to steer his ship through the adverse weather condition of the Cape of Good Hope but it resulted into a miserable failure even after vowing to drift until the doomsday. Legend says that since then they have been cursed to sail the oceans for eternity.

“Sometimes in the distance, sometimes at night or through the fog, sometimes gliding above the water; its sails may be torn to ribbons, or it may be making great headway even in the lack of wind, you might see a sea dweller in the midst of the wavy ocean laced with mystery and never to be seen again”.